About us

by Matej Smucr

by Matej Smucr

We are a production team synonymous with street style and lifestyle photography. 

Our team captures the simple beauty of moments and people, offering a new perspective on everyday things through our photography, videography, and graphic design. Here at Jaiv Studio, we don’t just “do things differently”. Being “different” has become a cliche in our society. Instead, each of our team members, simply strives to deliver the highest quality of work, weaving their passion into everything they do. We value how the right visuals can tell a great story, and the components and details needed to spark ones imagination. We imagine, capture, and deliver moments. This is Jaiv Studio.

Our Services:

We provide photography, videography, and graphic design services for all types of media channels including, small businesses and corporations, along with personal photography services. When you need eye catching visuals to tell your story. Call us. Are you a foodie and want some mouth watering photos for your blog? Call us to help you curate some of the tasty food photos. Are you writing a biography and need some beautiful portraits? We can help you put together a professional album. Too busy, but want to document your business trip? We will join you every step of the way; helping you capture the most important moments of your trip.

Our services are here to fit your needs. Highly customizable, with our services, we can help you prepare content from anywhere in the world. We are willing to travel for our clients. You need a photoshoot done in Paris? We will meet you there, armed and ready with a bag of original ideas.

Other Services:

We have team members who are masters in: copywriting, printing, designing and art direction, website and application development. And that’s only the beginning. Need something more? With our large network we can make a few calls and connect you with an expert. We look forward to working with you. 



Core team


Jakub Sodomka
founder / art director

I'm happy that you took some time to stop by our site. My name is Jakub and I put together this team of exceptional people that I trust will deliver excellent work, 100% of the time. And what we are not able to deliver, we can simply request from our tested partners. Our passion can be easily seen in our work and we look forward to having the pleasure of working with you.You have creative goals and we could help you bring you them into fruition.

My focus is creative and art direction. As production itself is concerned, fashion and lifestyle/street are the mediums that interest me most.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'd love to have you for a cup of tea.



Ivi Surova
photographer / blogger / stylist

Tackling the world of advertising during the day and an endless dreamer at night, I take my marketing sensibility and eye for design and merge them into my photography. 

There is power in photography. In my experience, every photo tells a story and has the power to inspire. I spend my days trying to find what new stories I can tell through the lense of my camera. My education in the visual arts has helped me develop my own unique aesthetic. I take pride in my work and strive to deliver the best possible work for my clients no matter where they are in the world. 

A passionate foodie, I love capturing mouth watering food moments. I enjoy curating foodie photos, and piecing together copy on the latest gastronomic trends, and of course, getting a little taste when I can. There is still a lot of flavours, tastes, and smells, to explore in the foodie world and I want to be there capturing those moments.

Matej Šmucr
instagrammer / photographer

Eternal student, passionate photographer and the occasional traveller. I aspire towards accomplishing my dreams and learn from every opportunity.  My every day goal is to constantly grow, building on my previous life experiences. 

I have been given a chance to travel to so many different countries, where I tried to capture with my camera thus immortalizing nature through photography. I am keen on exploring new places.

As I have never studied art or photography, trial and error has been my way of learning, but I have met lots of amazing people who taught me a lot and helped me shape my skills. And so this is what inspires me, getting to know new things and creating quality content to satisfy the client. So if you like my work do not hesitate to hire me for your project.


Martin Slechta

When creating something, it’s important for me to make it personal. Be it a portrait, documentary, fashion story, or a wedding portrait, it is the reason why I prefer shooting my projects on film. For me, film gives a sense of realness and tangibility to a photo. It's been difficult for me to fit in one specific photographic category, however what I believe is common to all that I do, is that I tend to work with people who care about how they live and what they do.

I bring to the table my 7 years of experience in marketing. After a couple years of balancing both jobs, I have decided to become a full time photographer, telling stories with a camera. 

Also, with my lovely girlfriend Sue we photograph weddings under Everbay Co. brand (mainly digitaly).



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